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Technical Issues with Audio Files


Hardware Requirements:

You will need a sound card and speakers/headphones to be able to listen to the audio files.

Software Requirements:

To be able to hear the audio files, you will need an mp3 player (commonly, Windows® Media Player that comes with windows, or Winamp®, etc.) that has the ability to play VBR (Variable Bit Rate) mp3 files.

The audio files are in the following format:

mp3 (MPEG Layer III)
VBR (Variable Bit Rate)

The files were created using a text to wav software sampled at 44.1 KHz 16 bit stereo (CD quality) wave files and later converted to mp3 using the Lame® encoder and an encoding software.

The bitrates I used to create these files are between a minimum of 8 kbps and a maximum of 24 kbps (8-24 kbps), that gave me excellent audio quality and at the same time a size of about 2.8 KBps that allows the files to play uninterrupted on a computer connected on even a dial-up connection.

However, if you get a download speed of less than 2.8 KBps, I recommend downloading the file and playing from your disk.

However, should you have any difficulty or want to send me your comments, do feel free to contact me:

use this form

or mail me at this address

The files were sampled at
172 words per minute,
170 pitch
100% volume
Microsoft® Mary®

I will soon update the files using AT&T® natural voices.

Update - Since, AT&T Crystal and Mike did not live up to my expectations, I will retain the current audio files and upload files with AT&T Crystal (the better of the two) separately.

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